VLHfilms.com is a NJ Video production and content marketing company with a deep digital portfolio and big brand experiences from which we draw from to help your business gain quality customers through strategic video story telling. It’s in our DNA to give you the best value for your production dollars. Either through our best in class motion graphic animation services, video editorial or simply if you just need somebody to capture something on film the right way. Give us a shout for a free consultation and email us to set-up a time that works for you.

NJ Video Produciton

NJ Video Production: Here is a just a little more about VLHfilms.com so you get to know us. We’ve seen online content marketing strategies grow from the worst looking video to some of the most expensive productions you can imagine (Like that one time in Canada for kodak we made it snow inside). Sometimes budgets and ideas make sense for TV/Broadcast and other times it has more to do with helping you say what you need to say on video and where you are saying it. Helping your company sound and look authentic is at heart of what we do for businesses. Most people just want the information in a digestible format so they can make informed decisions which helps create new customers or fans for your social media presence. Hell we’ll even help you write a good joke or two if it help tell your story on video.

Get in touch if you need any of the following video production services:

      > Animation production or creative, corporate executive interviews, fashion, documentary, Online retail product or explainer videos or anything with food or tasty beverages.
      > Producer, Writer, Director, Editor, lighting or scripting

We have a pretty deep roster of production talent of animators, videographers, editors, writers and producers with different levels of gear and appropriate experiences in many difference verticals from healthcare, documentary, retail and technology. There is not much we won’t tackle.

Just ask us how!

NJ Video Production

Live Band Video Production

We ♥ love live band video production and capturing performances in all their glory. We offer 1-3 Camera packages with high-quality stereo audio recording included. The prices vary depending on how many songs and cameras footage sources need editing together for your...
Eastern Anchors Rockumentary

Eastern Anchors Rockumentary

Drunken Arts and Pure Science – 20 years have gone by and some of the same NJ Indie rockers are still finding time to make music together with their friends.